PDO Browlift / Catseye / Fox Eye



Achieve a lateral Browlift or  Fox eye look with our MINT PDO Threadlift treatment at Hampstead Aesthetics Clinics.


Have you noticed hooding of your eyes or a heaviness to your  eyebrows?


You may need a subtle non surgical brow lift to open up the eye region...


This Aesthetic intervention was made popular by the likes of Kendal Jenner and Bella Hadid.


At Hampstead Aesthetics  we lift eyebrows, hooded eyelids and offer the fox eye look with no need for ‘Fox eye surgery’ or a surgical browlift.


A Mint PDO thread lift is a procedure that subtly lifts your facial features to reduce the signs of aging. Mint PDO is a safe, effective, biocompatible, and dissolvable suture composed of “polydioxanone,” a complex sugar often used in orthopaedic and cardiovascular surgeries to suture wounds and incisions.


Mint PDO thread lifts serve a two-fold purpose — Direct skin tightening & Collagen formation. First, the PDO thread lifts reposition the underlying tissues, giving your skin an immediate lift to reduce fine lines. Second, the PDO threads eventually get absorbed by the body and facilitate natural collagen stimulation, leading to long-term improvements in skin texture and elasticity.


We will place as many PDO threads as necessary to achieve optimal lift. The procedure is completely safe, received FDA-approval in 2004, and is currently used in 14 countries globally.


Recovery Time:    1 week

Suitable for Males or Female?  Both

Anaesthetic Used:  Local

Duration of Results:  5 - 12 months

Procedure Time:  30 minutes

Back to Work:  3 days (estimated)

Risks & Complications: Bruising, swelling, puckering, dimpling, pain.


The Fox Eye Lift treatment is an innovative technique which uses dissolvable sutures to lift and elongate the eye to create a more almond shape whilst simultaneously lifting the brow tail to create a feminine effect with a more open upper eyelid.


Dr Chike Fox uses MINT PDO Threads to thread lift the eye region, lifting the edge of the brow. This brow lift or a cats eye-lift treatment can be used to recreate the popular fox eye trend which gives a subtle slant upwards to the outer brow area, which effectively lifts and elongates the upper eyelid creating a beautiful almond eye shape.


The fox eye thread lift procedure can be used as a subtle solution for other eye concerns such as a heavy brow, asymmetry and hooded lids. For example one brow only can be lifted to correct symmetry, and as a tool to lift hooded, heavy eyelids which can develop with age to create a more ‘awake’ and refreshed eye area.

Before & After Results



Find the answers to your questions about MINT PDO Threads with Hampstead Aesthetics.

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What does the Fox Eye Lift procedure involve?

You are awake throughout and the procedure takes no more than 20 minutes. It is not painful as you are injected with local anaesthetic before the procedure.Results are instant and recovery time is several days.All these treatments can be done using local anaesthetic in under one hour with minimal downtime:To enhance the lifting of the brow area and lengthen the effects of the Eyebrow thread lift - Botox above the eyebrows is injected on the day of treatment..

Is the treatment painful?

All of the techniques used by Dr Chike are relatively painless as he will give you an effective and long lasting local anaesthetic injection. The LA injections will feel like a pin prick. You may experience some very mild headaches after the treatment which will respond well to over the counter pain killers and are short lived in nature.

Will I have a scar?

The treatment is free of incisions. The treatment is done through needle entry points with a cannula and is therefore has a negligible risk scarring compared to surgery where the skin is cut.

What are the complications with thread lift?

The treatment is relatively safe, with minor complications such as swelling and bruising however there is a slightly increased risk of infection with PDO threads compared to other treatments. There is a small risk of nerve damage and a negligible risk of scarring compared to surgery. During your appointment your doctor will explain the measures you must take to avoid this during your appointment. This treatment is not recommended for pregnant women, those who are unable to avoid strenuous exercise for a period of two weeks such as athletes or those working in the fitness industry. Those with obesity are discouraged from having this treatment.

What is the downtime?

Threadlifts will heal within 7-10 days as the swelling and bruising settles down. There maybe some skin folds in the hairline which will relax after 2-3 weeks. Hybrid mini surgical technique has a slightly longer down time with healing expected 10-21 days after the treatment.

Will my skin be more “saggy” once the threads dissolve?

This is not the case, the skin surrounding the PDO thread will be stimulated to create more collagen which will make the skin more firm and less prone to “sagging” or wrinkles.

What do I have to avoid before and after the treatment?

As with all aesthetics treatments, consumption of alcohol should be avoided for 12 hours before and after treatment, the same is said for smoking but for 6 hours. Specific to thread lifts, you should avoid strenuous exercise for 2 weeks after the treatment. Some clients maybe advised to go on a liquid diet for 3 -5 after the treatment. Depending on your medical conditions some clients who are diabetic or more prone to infection should take antibiotics for a short period after the treatment.

How long will the results last?

PDO threads last 3-12 months depending on your lifestyle and level of activity – For longer lasting results a repeat procedure is advisable.