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MINT PDO Thread Lifts

The ultimate non-surgical facelifts


Exceptionally strong dissolvable threads are placed under the skin which once inserted, produce three effects:

  • Immediate skin lifting.

  • Cellular renewal as the collagen production enhances the texture and elasticity of the skin, removing fine lines.

  • Skin tightening as the fat tissues are contracted due to the threads.

The threads are massaged gently once inserted to ensure a smooth and even result. 

Dr. Chike Emeagi is a master trainer and leading practitioner in this revolutionary technique. Find out more below.


PDO thread lifts can be used to treat great number of conditions and concerns, as part of a personal advanced aesthetics treatment package.


These areas include:

  1. Sagging Forehead and Droopy Eyebrows

  2. Sagging Eyelid or Cat Eye Look

  3. Rejuvenating and Lifting Mid-face

  4. Rhino Nose

  5. Low or Blunt Nasal Tip

  6. Softening The Nasolabial Folds

  7. Sagging Jowls

  8. Minimising Double Chin or Neck

  9. Sagging and Wrinkled Neck


Promoting long lasting results, the PDO Thread Lift requires zero downtime and is painless, making it a great alternative to a surgical facelift with pleasing results and without the lengthy downtime and risk of complications.

Polydioxanone (PDO) threads involve using a dissolvable fibre used to tighten skin for those experiencing sagging or loose skin in the face. The treatment restores your natural facial structure and has collagen stimulating properties. Threads are introduced into the skin with a needle or blunt ended cannula and are positioned to help to tighten sagging skin and add definition to the face. 

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Before & After Results

"I am so impressed with the outcome of my treatment. I did a lot of research into various different practitioners and chose Dr. Chike".

- K Samuelson

"I’m in love with Dr Chike’s work of art. I’m delighted with the results and professionalism showed from the consultation to the treatment and aftercare."

- Emily

"I’ll be eternally grateful to Dr Chike for listening and understanding what I wanted to achieve and for being skilled enough to be able to deliver on his word."

- Parisa

"Dr. Chike is THE BEST! He really takes the time to listen to your concerns and makes you feel so comfortable. I am extremely happy with the results!"

- Suzanne

Outstanding results

Each treatment Hampstead Aesthetics offer is conducted using the most advanced technologies - Medically Researched to earn CE and/or FDA Approval ensuring optimum, long-lasting results.  


You will be in the hands of a highly skilled specialist from the moment you arrive for your initial consultation, during your treatment and during your aftercare.

Dr Chiké Emeagi

Dr Emeagi has a Masters (MSc) in Aesthetic Medicine from Queen Mary, University of London, where his areas of interest included natural facial contouring and volume replacement procedures especially non-surgical face-lift techniques. He is now an International Trainer on Advanced Aesthetic procedures. 

With a wealth of experience in Cosmetic Medicine, as well as a passion for his speciality, Dr Chike has a genuine interest for facial rejuvenation and beautification, the science of restoring natural youthful features and achieving facial harmony specific to gender and age. He likes to work intimately with injectables and PDO Thread lifts, while addressing skin health with clinically proven products and treatments.

Dr Chike
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