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Fight the Signs of Aging with PRP Treatment

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

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With thousands of skincare procedures and products in the market, it can be confusing to determine which treatment is right for your skin. Numeroustreatments claimto eliminate the wrinkles and fine lines so you can enjoy a youthful glow. However, these procedures often involve harsh chemicals and products that can harm your skin.

PRP therapy, also called the vampire facial, tackle the signs of aging without using any of these harmful elements. In the past few years, this treatment has gained popularity and has proven to be a natural skin rejuvenating procedure.

This treatment uses your body’s healing capabilities to regenerate and repair your skin. It works by taking your blood, processing it and injecting it back in your skin or hair to enhance the overall health of your skin and hair. Since it uses your body’s elements, there are little to no chances of any side effects.

The results can be witnessed within a week to a month after the treatment, depending on the healing process of each patient’s body. It helps in fighting scars, wrinkles, and other skin issues. There are numerous other benefits of PRP therapy; let’s have a look:

Reduces the Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Smoking, pollution, sun exposure and other stressors start taking a toll on our skin as we age. As a result, the skin starts losing its natural glow and elasticity. PRP injections help in stimulating the natural skin rejuvenation process by secreting collagen and other essential elements to enhance the appearance of the skin.

When your skin starts producing more collagen, it smoothen the fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin tightens and regains its youthful appearance. The PRP injections produce minute controlled injury areas, which help in promoting skin healing.

The cell production and improved healing properties of PRP therapy work together to fight the signs of aging and other skin issues.

Enhances Texture of Skin

PRP face treatment improves the overall health and texture of the skin. Research has found that PRP therapy is effective in various facial procedures and helps in achieving skin revitalization. Since it enhances the natural collagen production of the skin, it also strengthens the skin elasticity.

After the treatment, you will notice a reduction in your skin pores, acne scars visibility, and loose skin. Moreover, your skin will feel smooth, soft, and plump.

Promotes Skin Regeneration

The vampire facial repairs and refreshes your skin since the PRP comprise of growth factors that escalate your body’s healing responses. These factors improve the development of new cells that replace the damaged cells so your skin appears firmer and revitalized.

The rapid cell generation enhances the texture of your skin and, along with collagen production, leaves your skin with a youthful glow.

Provides a Natural Facelift

The most significant benefit of PRP therapy is that the results are entirely natural. Since your blood takes PRP, the process is natural. A sterile instrument draws blood in a sterilized environment, which eliminates the chances of adulteration.

Your skin easily absorbs the formulation, without any allergic reactions that typically occur with other formulations and medications.

Minimally Invasive Therapy

This procedure is minimally invasive as compared to a facelift surgery and other options. It begins with the collection of blood, which is then processed to separate the platelets from other blood components. The platelets are injected to the targeted area to improve the health of the skin.

Little to No Recovery Period

Since the PRP therapy is minimally invasive, it doesn’t require any surgery or incisions, which also eliminates the long recovery time and risks typically associated with surgeries. There might be slight swelling or redness in the injection areas but they subside quickly after the treatment. You can quickly get back to your usual chores and routine after getting a PRP face treatment.

Precautions to Take

PRP relies on platelet function, which means your cosmetic doctor will advise you to stop taking any herbal supplements and blood thinning medications a week before and after the treatment. These include Aleve, Motrin, and Ibuprofen. If you are taking such medicines, it is critical to inform your practitioner as it may have an impact on the procedure and the results.

After the treatment, your skin will become sensitive for a while. You might experience swelling, redness, itching, tenderness, tingling, bruising, or discomfort around the injected area. However, these issues are minimal and will resolve within three to four days of the treatment.

Your practitioner will recommend tips and instructions for aftercare to escalate the healing process and promote the best results. It is integral that you follow the aftercare instructions to avoid any severe issues.

If you are looking for a nonsurgical treatment to give your face an instant makeover in London, particularly around Harley Street, Belsize Park, or West Hampstead, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. Whether you want to treat the wrinkles, fine lines, rough patches, or want an instant glow, we are here to help.

Our practitioner will examine your skin issues, your needs and expectations to create the right action plan for the treatment. You can learn more about the procedure and get all your queries answered during the consultation. To enjoy a youthful glow and radiant skin, book an appointment today.


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