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Temple Filler

Regain a youthful, more refreshed look and restore the shape of your face

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As we age, the temporal area begins to suffer from muscle atrophy with a small component of bone and fat loss. Our skin also loses collagen at a rate of around 1% per year, an essential protein that helps to keep our skin springy and firm. 


As a result, our skin gradually loses its scaffolding, leading to sagging and hollowed out skin. In the temple this presents as a concave or ‘sunken’ depression between the brow, hairline and cheeks, giving us a ‘caved-in’ look. In the forehead ageing causes receding of the hairline, bony ridges, a sloped/concave forehead shape and forehead hollowing.


Slim individuals suffer more volume loss in the temples because they have less support from fatty tissues to begin with. Those who have also lost a lot of weight or those who frequently exercise are also more vulnerable. Drooping skin around the temples can also worsen the appearance of the patient’s crows feet. This makes  our overall face to take on a less rounded look.


Volume loss in the face temples may not even be picked up as many people are simply unaware that temples also age. It’s only after treatment that many people realise just how impactful a temple filler treatment can be.


You may be interested to know that forehead filler and temple filler can be used to great effect on these issues, restoring the shape of your face, and allowing you to regain a youthful, more refreshed look.


Temple filler and forehead fillers consist of injections of clear hyaluronic acid gel in small amounts. These are injected into your temporal areas or forehead, adding volume to the area, giving a smooth appearance to the skin while reducing lines, restoring shape and giving contour to the face.


By targeting temple hollows with an injectable dermal filler, patients can achieve a lifted appearance in a non-surgical way. It’s like having a mini facelift, without the need for scalpels. This works by stretching and lifting the skin around the upper area of the eye. This corrects facial volume loss to the temple hollows as well as improving facial structure and lifting the cheeks, to give the effect of restoring lost youth.


In a younger person, full temples help to cushion the face from the bone, helping the face shape to softly sweep downwards into a thinner jaw. This creates the much celebrated ‘heart-shaped face’ in women and a solidly defined upper face in men. Full face temples are therefore key when it comes to creating a well-shaped and balanced facial appearance.


Temple fillers can also dramatically improve the appearance of wrinkles and ageing around the eyes.


At Hampstead Aesthetics Clinic, we only use premium FDA-approved treatments made of biocompatible materials with proven long-lasting results.


High-density fillers like Stylage XL are more robust, making them ideal to treat the temple area. This zone tends to hollow out more acutely than others thanks to the combined loss of bone, fat and collagen.


As with all treatments, the first step when considering temple dermal fillers is to have a detailed consultation.


This stage is vital. It allows the cosmetic specialist to understand your skincare goals while ensuring that the recommended fillers are most appropriate to your temple hollowing and volume loss needs.


Before & After Results



Find the answers to your questions about temple filler treatments with Hampstead Aesthetics.

If you would like to find out more, simply contact us for further information.

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