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Full Face, Jawline, Jowls and Neck Lifting, Nose Reshaping and Browlift, Catseye, Fox Eye,
PDO Thread Treatments

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Face image MINT PDO Thread Treatments

PDO Full Face, Jawline, Jowls & Neck Lifting


PDO Nose Reshaping

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PDO Browlift /

Cats Eye / Fox Eye

In the world of non-surgical cosmetic procedures, MINT PDO threads have gained significant popularity in recent years. These innovative threads offer a minimally invasive solution for facial rejuvenation, providing impressive results without the need for surgery. 

What are MINT PDO Threads?

MINT PDO (Polydioxanone) threads are thin, biodegradable sutures that are inserted into the skin to lift and tighten sagging or loose areas. PDO is a safe and widely used material in medical procedures, known for its compatibility with the human body. The threads have tiny barbs or cones along their length, allowing them to anchor into the skin, creating a supportive structure for lifting and tightening.

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-Nancy D

Dr Chike was excellent. I had a full face of PDO threads and am thrilled with the results. He was patient and explained everything. I will definitely be going back for further treatments.

-Saba S

I’m very glad I came across Dr. Chike and had 2 procedures done with him.
I would highly recommend his services as he is not only a top professional, but also a kind & generous person.

-Kat R

After much search I came across Dr Chike's services. I decided to get a PDO lift and let mw tell you that every part of the service was amazing.

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