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Jawline & Chin Sculpting Treatment

Non-invasive alternative to Surgical implants

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Your facial profile will be delicately reshaped and enhanced, giving you more definition and contouring your features to suit your face as a whole. 

It is perfect if you would like to:


  • Achieve a more defined chin or jawline

  • Restore or add shape, structure and contouring to the face

  • Create a more balanced profile

A non-surgical jawline augmentation can help shape and change the look of your face.  It can help to lift jowls, a sagging chin area and create a more youthful appearance.  It can also give you a more confident look.


Chin augmentation is an excellent and subtle way to improve the clients profile and the results can be quite transforming and instant.

If you have a weak chin, recessive jaw or you are after a more defined chin then a dermal chin filler is the best option. Chin augmentation serves to restore the central pillar of the face.


A small chin can accentuate your nose, and weaken the jawline. Here at Hampstead Aesthetics we offer Chin augmentation dermal filler treatment to treat the chin by elongating and lengthening the chin area, adding definition to the face and adding more volume to create a more balanced facial profile.


We believe that optimising the Chin can help to create definition in the lower third of the face.

We inject with a high density dermal filler to contour and augment these regions. We typically use a Microcannula to reduce risks of bruising and tissue damage.


Procedure Time:   30 mins

Downtime:  Nil

Onset of results:  Straight away


Treatment Efficacy:  9-12 months


Side-effects:  Possible swelling, bruising and mild tenderness


Anaesthetic:  Topical Numbing Local anaesthetic cream

Chin and Jawline Homepage Pics.jpg

Before & After Results

“Dr Chike was friendly & gentle and I had nice experience. I was happy with the result and the treatment wasn’t painful at all compared to other places!.”

- JinJolly78

“Dr Chike is extremely gentle, skilled and knowledgeable. He listened to my concerns and created a bespoke look on my face. I didn't get a single bruise - a bonus! Thank you so much, looking forward to seeing you again!"

- Justyna

“Dr Chike is very professional and puts you at ease. His technique is painless and results are great!”

- Xavier

“Can not praise Dr Chiké enough, he has been doing my Anti-wrinkle treatments  for years and I have alway been so happy with the results! I will never go to anyone else! Absolute genius at what he does”

- Chloe



Find the answers to your questions about jawline sculpting with Hampstead Aesthetics.

If you would like to find out more, simply contact us for further information.

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